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Technology at School



Are you interesting in becoming a mentor for one of Australia's leading high school innovation challenges? 

After the success of the BIOTech Futures Challenge in 2020, we are continuing to expand and looking for new mentors to participate in this program.


Mentors for the BIOTech Futures challenge need to have a professional background in their discipline. They need to be able to guide a team of high school students to develop a solution to a current challenge, which may be in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, law and beyond. Mentors may be:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate university students

  • Academics/researchers

  • Industry professionals

  • Other - if you’re not one of the above but want to participate, let us know!

Mentors will be paired with 1 or 2 teams to guide students through the Challenge. This involves:

  • Suggesting resources

  • Guiding research and development of ideas

  • Providing feedback on solutions

  • Participate in meetings to design a project roadmap, leverage team building activities, and encourage professional development among young innovators. 

Why should you get involved:

  • Gain experience in mentoring students and engaging with our next generation.

  • Inspire our next generation of changemakers, to become the future scientists, engineers, medical practitioners, lawyers, you name it!

  • Build your professional and research network across states and internationally 

  • Stand out for graduate positions.

  • Developing important employability skills

  • Being able to help others and give back to the community 

  • Building a deeper understanding and awareness of today’s challenge

  • Be part of a program that is shaping the way young people are learning about and approaching STEM and innovation 

  • For undergrads this counts towards practical industry experience

To find out more about the role and learn how to can participate register now before enrollments close

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