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A Huge Congratulations as Queensland Kicks Off The Challenge in 2023

The official kick-off for our Queensland chapter was hosted at the Queensland University of Technology by the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Joint Biomechanics on Tuesday, 2nd of May. The inspiring event brought together this years students and mentors from all across the state to meet each other for the first time. 17 high school students from ranging from Grade 8-12 joined in person, with additional students joining online.

The official launch opened with a talk from our Inaugural Chair and Co-Founder Yohaann Ghosh. In his presentation, Yohaann gave an overview about the origins of Biotech Futures and the way our program has developed since it was established six years ago. Since 2018, we have made leaps and bounds in terms of student engagement, the variety of projects offered each year, and the opportunities for high school students to complete meaningful research in their chosen field of interest.

Our mission has always centred on nurturing the young scientists of today to solve the problems of tomorrow. With this mind, Yohaann urged the competitors to make the most of this opportunity by spending time with their mentors, and focusing on how to use constructive feedback to develop their designs further.

Over the next 7 weeks, our Queensland students will be working on their chosen projects and presenting on-campus at QUT on Thursday the 13th of July.

To RSVP please email Rosa Armitage at

A huge congratulations to the team involved in putting on a great event.


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