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“I was part of a group of students from Uralla who had the chance to visit Sydney for the Bio and Beyond Camp. On the day of the conference, the girls from Sydney High School gave a presentation on snake bites. This was interesting because the text results of the venom test show you where you can go to get the anti-venom. Being from the country I will remember this. Professor Omad El-Omar’s presentation was also very interesting, but I’m not sure how I feel about the poo-pills (FMT).

I liked the second day because we got to explore Sydney. The visit to the Royal Botanic gardens was my favourite. I liked all the different kinds of plants, I had never seen anything like this before. My favourite exhibit was the Plants That Bite – the calyx looked cool, but I wish I could have touched them.  I liked getting to know students form PLC and Sydney Girls High – I made quite a few new friends.

Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity, I never thought I would get a chance to do something like this.”

Bukari Campbell – Uralla Central School

“It was along ride down to Sydney and back again, but we didn’t mind because we were just pleased our school had the chance to be part of the day. It was an amazing experience, we all loved it. All of the groups there did a really good job with their presentations. It was really lovely meeting all the people there, and the ones we became really good friends with. It was so fun and has definitely changed a bit of my thoughts on what I want to be when I finish school. Thank you so much for letting us be part of the event. You really outdid yourselves, it was super amazing, just fantastic. I loved the chance to go to the Royal Botanic Gardens, it was a great idea to go and see all the different plants. Learning about them was really good. 

Everything in this trip was amazing. The hotel we stayed at was awesome, we were so happy when we found out we had our own rooms. We loved being able to chill out after a long but interesting day. It was so good, there was no stress all day, except having to get up early morning but we didn’t really care. All of us really hope we get more chances like this. We really enjoyed ourselves and we hope to see you all again sometime soon.”

Hollie Buhagiar – Uralla Central School

“Overall this experience has affected us dramatically, as now going back into school and moving into more complex chapters, for example biology, I am much more aware of what’s going on due to the practical experiences I had.”

Mamoun Khasawani – International Academy Amman

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